As a homeowner, Business owner or Landlord there are numerous benefits to having the premises you are about to occupy (or about to leave) professionally cleaned. One has to remember that good professional cleaning services clean far more thoroughly, with safer chemicals and experienced staff who understand exactly what each client specifically needs.

The many good reasons to use professional cleaners can be reviewed in detail here – Why professional businesses use professional cleaning services | Resolve Cleaning Services, but when it comes to pre and post moving cleaning there are some specific advantages which include….

For businesses

When moving a business time is always a factor and you can be assured that your move is smoother, and no time wasted if the premises you occupy are thoroughly cleaned up-front by professionals. Professional cleaners work in accordance with your schedule too, not only within office hours.

Businesses have to be cognisant of health and safety issues and only professional cleaning covers all the COVID-19 cleanliness protocols and ensures the health of employees is adequately protected.

A final factor to consider is that the image of your business is reflected in the fresh spotlessly clean offices you will present to your clients from day one.

For homeowners

You never really know what the living habits of the previous tenant or homeowner were and so having your home thoroughly pre-cleaned, as only professional cleaners can accomplish, really gives you peace of mind.

Allergens from dust build up in carpets and other germs that can have accumulated in drains and ablution areas all need to be eliminated properly and this requires professional cleaning with the use of the right materials and processes.

Even if the home is a new build, dust and builders residue also need to be efficiently removed.

For Landlords

Landlords are constantly plagued with cleanliness issues after tenants move out. Some places are left in a terrible state, smelly and filthy dirty, not only in living areas but also in windows, walls etc.

New tenants demand and deserve premises that are properly cleaned, and it reflects well on the Landlord or the Managing Agents if they are. It also prevents delays with tenants being able to (or prepared to) move in which can cost Landlords money.

The company that resolve to be the best

Resolve Cleaning are specialists in this field and pre or post occupational cleans are one of our specialist services. We have, since 2004, been providing expert professional cleaning services to businesses and individuals in Cape Town, as well as the northern and southern suburbs.

Talk to us about your specific cleaning needs whether once-off or on a cost-effective, ongoing contractual basis. We look forward to being of service to you!