There are many good reasons that professional businesses choose to outsource professional cleaners as opposed to utilising inadequately qualified cleaning staff to ensure their business cleaning requirements are met.

Obviously, since the pandemic there has been a need for professional cleaning services that fully understand the compliances required to meet the COVID-19 regulations, but even posts COVID-19 a professional cleaning service will still always be a preferred option and here are a few good reasons why…

They offer qualified professional services – without staff headaches.

Professional cleaning is a skill that requires specific training and equipment. They bring their equipment saving you having to purchase it and they fully understand the specific differences that are required between cleaning offices for example – and a hotel room.

As an outsourced entity, your professional cleaning service saves you having to hire, train or supervise cleaning staff. You also don’t need to worry about your cleaning requirements being met if cleaning staff are sick or on leave.

You have peace of mind and budget control

With a professional cleaning service, you have a contract which means your budget for cleaning services is fixed in advance and you are not subject to cost increases for the term of that contract.

You also have the flexibility to choose when the cleaners will operate and this is usually after hours. Because they have a contract and a reputation to uphold, you also don’t have to worry about security issues.

Compliance with rigid standards

As a professional business, you want to know that the company you are contracted to for cleaning services has the same level of professional standards as yours does. Good professional cleaning services adopt, implementing and maintain a Quality Management System, aligned to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard.

Compliance with Ecological standards

As a professional business, you have a responsibility to try to be eco-friendly and you need to ensure that your cleaners are compliant with this. Once again, truly professional cleaning services use biodegradable chemicals and green, waterless systems to clean carpets and foam upholstery.

A professional cleaning service has a long term vested interest

If you choose a cleaning service like Resolve Cleaning you get a service that values its clients and has a vested interest in building strong, long-term relationships with them. This requires that they always deliver excellent client service.

Choose the professionals

We at Resolve Cleaning tick all of these boxes and offer a flexible contract giving you options and the ability to change as you so require. A dynamic, owner-managed cleaning company, we offer a holistic contract cleaning service, as well as dry carpet cleaning and specialised cleaning services to commercial and residential clients in Cape Town and surrounds.

There are many good reasons that professional businesses use professional cleaning services, so talk to us about your specific requirements, no matter how big or small and you will discover that we are passionate about our service and abide at all times by the highest quality standards and ethical operations.